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A lot of people may say that spear hunting is something of the past, but a number of outdoor enthusiasts are reviving the art and sport of hunting with a spear. There is a certain joy and challenge in such a traditional way of hunting.

Spear Hunter

A spear is a tool commonly used for hunting which consists of a pole and a shaft. It’s made of wood and comes with a sharpened head. The head is the part which can be fatal and is used to wound animals. A spear hunter can attach and use a variety of materials to his hunting pole. A bamboo pole with a sharpened end can be used for hunting and killing small animals. Materials such as iron, bronze or obsidian can also be used for spear heads.

Common animals that are best hunted with a spear are wild boars, peccaries and feral pigs. There are a number of spear hunting enthusiasts who have grouped themselves. You too can join if you are someone who is inclined to hunt with a spear as a hobby or a sport. You can find organizations from different locations joining together in order to practice the ancient way of hunting in a slightly modern fashion.

Hunting spears differ in sizes and in quality. A hog hunting spear would usually be 65 inches in length, with a spearhead of about 6 to 8 inches long. Great hunting spears should not be too heavy. They can weight anywhere from 4 to 6 lbs.

Although we are no longer in the Stone Age, and we're all using chats, different websites, Facebook, Google, etc, a lot of people have a knack for hunting with spears. To a lot of people, spear hunting is one activity which should be passed on to the next generation as an alternative to gun hunting. The popularity of spear hunting groups is growing every day, and even you can try to experience the excitement and challenge of this primitive way of hunting with a modern touch.

Hunting with spears is a rewarding, fun activity that gives a significant challenge to mankind's oldest sport. Enjoy yourself, and good luck!

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